Eyelash Extension Glue Use and Storage for Technicians

  1. fore shaking your adhesive, remove the cap and place a small piece of tin foil over the nozzle- this will prevent adhesive getting into the lid and sealing the bottle shut. Also shake bottle side to side not up and down.
  2. Shake your adhesive vigorously for 1 minute each time before dispensing a small bead.
  3. Turn your adhesive upside down and allow gravity to do the work for you-allow 1 small bead of adhesive to drop from the bottle.
  4. Turn your bottle upright, burp, and wipe the nozzle clean with a non-cotton fibre. Makeup sponges are a cheap effective option. Blot the nozzle with a sponge until all adhesive is removed.
  5. NEVER wipe the nozzle with an alcohol wipe (this will cause the adhesive to cure and block the nozzle) or a cotton round/makeup circle or tissue as the cotton fibre may cause fire/burn/smoke when in contact with the adhesive.
  6. Replace the cap securely, store inside its sealed package it came in and stand upright. If the bottle is not stored upright, the adhesive will eventually poor into the lid sealing bottle shut and rendering it useless.
  7. Change your adhesive every 20 minutes to keep each bead fresh, allowing for the best adhesion.
  8. Adhesive cures/sets with moisture when exposed to the air, the more moisture in the air higher humidity the more often you have to replace your adhesive bead. Store your adhesive in a sealed container of rice also if travelling.
  9. Using half cured adhesive (a bead that’s been sitting for more than half an hour will result in poor retention and unhappy clients.
  10. Follow these simple steps to make the most of your adhesive.
  11. Ceecees beauty and training recommends replacing your adhesive every 8 weeks for frequent users, to maintain freshness and optimum results.
  12. If you’re only lashing 2-3 clients a week your adhesive can last 3-4 months.
  13. Do not store in a fridge as this will set the glue.

Happy lashing


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