When it comes to ensuring the longevity of lash extensions, both lash bonders and nano
misters are popular tools among lash artists. Nano misters are the original method for fast
curing, while bonders are relatively new to the market. But do you understand how they

Lash Bonders
Lash bonders are used to enhance the adhesive’s performance by instantly curing the glue and
making the bond more flexible. The bonder works by accelerating the curing process of the
lash adhesive. This is achieved through its chemical formulation, which reacts with the
cyanoacrylate in the glue. Bonders create elastic, flexible bonds, reducing the chances of
brittle bonds that can easily break. They also reduce fumes and potential irritation since the
adhesion cures instantly.

Nano Misters
Nano misters are used to speed up the curing process of the adhesive by introducing a fine
mist of water into the environment. However, curing with water alone creates brittle bonds
compared to those cured with a bonder.

In Summary

  • Lash Bonder: Creates flexible, elastic bonds that are less likely to break. It alters the
    adhesive chemically to make it more resilient and flexible.
  • Nano Mister: Helps to cure the adhesive faster but can result in more brittle bonds. It
    uses physical moisture to speed up curing without changing the adhesive’s chemical

So, although both have their place, if you want to achieve a more durable and flexible bond, a
lash bonder is superior.

We have an awesome lash bonder that will not shock cure the glue to a brittle texture and is
free of toxic chemicals that does the job perfectly.

This blog post should help you understand the differences between nano misters and super
boosters (lash bonders) and guide you in choosing the right tool for achieving the best results
in lash extension application. If you’re looking to elevate your lash game, consider
incorporating a lash bonder into your toolkit for superior, long-lasting results.

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